Simple. Essential. Pure.

Giving a “little bit of earth” back to modern life.



In Italian Terracina means “little earth,” and is the name of the small county in southwest Italy. Our owner, Amanda Lattin, can trace her family lineage to Terracina and infuses every product with the same attention to quality and craftsmanship her ancestors brought to their lives.

At Terracina Aromatics & Herbals, we continue the old traditions of healing through the fruits of the earth and address the needs of modern living to give our own “little bit of earth” to our clients.

Amanda is gifted beyond her formal education. These gifts have done wonderful things for me. The heavy weight has left. After not dreaming for years I now dream again.
— Crystal

Amanda J. Lattin

Founder and Formulator

Amanda J. Lattin, our Founder and Formulator, has taken a nod from her rich heritage of hardworking craftspeople and strives to put her heart and soul into every product and treatment which carries the Terracina name. Her family relied on the fruits of nature to heal themselves and to bring joy, so she carries that torch through the medium of aromatherapy and herbal remedies. In fact, she has gone to great lengths to educate herself so that she can bring you the very best.

Amanda has not only given my daughter essential oils, but the life skills necessary to tackle problems on her own. She gave my daughter back her freedom. No amount of pills would have been able to accomplish what Amanda did and certainly not in the time frame we had. I am forever grateful to Amanda...
If you are struggling with something that mystifies other health care professionals, Amanda will accept the challenge and use her knowledge and skill to help you. Amanda was an answer to my prayers. She could be yours, too.
— Jean