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Roman and German Chamomile, A Profile

Both species are now cultivated and utilized in many parts of the world for their aroma and therapeutic benefits; they are some of the most commonly used aromatic herbs in Western herbalism. While the small, daisy-like blooms of these species do not have a classic floral aroma, they certainly represent an important contribution of flowers in aromatherapy and herbalism. 

Indeed, the argument could be made that Roman and German chamomile are cornerstone essential oils in modern aromatherapy, so versatile and effective are their therapeutic actions. Yet, they are two of the most gentle, non-toxic, non-irritating essential oils and herbs as well. 

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How to Create Successful Essential Oil Blends

One of the great joys of aromatherapy is the process of crafting and experiencing essential oil blends. Each combination is unique in its aromas, therapeutic actions, emotional connections and inspirations, as well as its appropriate applications and uses.

While the organic, unplanned process of blending essential oils is a beautiful experience, which can produce lovely aromas for perfumery, it may not always be the best choice for making therapeutic essential oil blends.

Due to the time, effort, intention, and expense of creating an essential oil blend, it can be very frustrating when the results do not achieve the needs and desires you had in mind.

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