It has been three years that I have been working with Amanda. Amanda and I met at a seminar hours from our homes and to this day I drive five hours each way to see her. My time is valuable and the time I spend with Amanda is well worth any time spent getting there. I had a very sad divorce and no matter the hours I spent with my mental health provider the heavy weight on my heart would not go away. I was able to reconcile the logic but the weight never left. What I did not know when going to Amanda was that she is gifted beyond her formal education. These gifts have done wonderful things for me. The heavy weight has left. After not dreaming for years I now dream again. When I thought of my womb and womanly core it was dark and black. We’ve worked on it and today I can say when I think of my womanly core there is life, there is love and there is hope. I’ve also found myself embracing my purpose in my community. There have been so many adjustments that it is hard to explain. I am a cynic by nature and had it not been me and been my body I would have been skeptical. You only have to gain—take the step.
— Crystal
When my daughter started presenting anxiety symptoms, we took her to our pediatrician, who then in turn decided to try and send us to a psychiatrist; not a psychologist, a psychiatrist. I have no issues with either of those, as my major is in Psychology. However, I have an issue with pumping mind altering drugs into my daughter that probably can be cured through different channels and means.

Our daughter at the time was in the 4th grade and had undergone bullying at school along with her twin sister. When the issues could not be resolved, my husband and I had pulled all of our children out of public school. I had gathered some books out the library, talked to a couple of counselors, and my husband and I decided to see if we could help her without putting medicines into her still growing body. For a while, this technique worked on our daughter.

When things took a turn for the worse a couple of years later, it was obvious I needed some outside help and I called Amanda. Amanda has extensive knowledge of herbs and their medicinal qualities. (Ancient countries were brought up to only use these for treatments, there is no reason why we should not partake) My husband and I had both seen her previously, and I was quite familiar with her work, and I knew the outcome would be much safer than drugs filling my pre-pubescent tween.

We were right! Amanda did an amazing job, with my daughter! My daughter has eliminated most of her anxiety, and knows how to handle a situation when and if it should arise. Amanda has not only given my daughter essential oils, but the life skills necessary to tackle problems on her own. She gave my daughter back her freedom. No amount of pills would have been able to accomplish what Amanda did and certainly not in the time frame we had. I am forever grateful to Amanda, and if we were not moving out of state would continue to see her, for myself as well as my daughters…all of them!

She has an amazing skill and talent and certainly more knowledge than most of us. Amanda and her resources should be used before pills always! I would recommend her to any and every one!
— Corina Winslow-Powell
As a practitioner, Amanda offers a truly potent experience at her Terracina office; with her education in holistic health and science, combined with her intuitive knowledge and healer’s touch, she provides an individualized healing experience where she is able to to read your body and help you determine which life changes could bring you healing and renewal.

Knowing Amanda and being one of her clients has truly enriched my life, improved my health and empowered me in my own self care. I have delicate health and have suffered with many health troubles for years. Through Amanda’s care, I now sleep better, have fewer headaches, and have lost twelve pounds. Amanda helped me to alter my diet according to my body’s needs. I have more energy and fewer mood swings.

With her use of herbs and essential oils, I have also received relief from chronic pain and swelling from a car accident in 2004. Amanda has also helped me to set goals and release spiritual and emotional blocks through her energy work. I highly recommend her to anyone who is committed to their own holistic health. Amanda’s wealth of knowledge and experience make her well qualified to assist, teach, cure and heal. She is truly gifted in her field and a joy to be associated with.
— Liesl
A little over a year ago I was struggling with assimilating vitamin D. It was quite a journey from different health care professionals to determine what was causing my high blood pressure. Then when my body rejected the vitamin D that it needed to get better, I was at a loss as to what to do next.

Amanda was the answer to my prayer. She was able to get my body to start accepting vitamin D. Now my blood pressure is back to normal and I’m on my way to health. Amanda was there for me making custom homeobotanicals, ordering certain herbs and giving me essential oils that worked! If you are struggling with something that mystifies other health care professionals, Amanda will accept the challenge and use her knowledge and skill to help you. Amanda was an answer to my prayers. She could be yours, too.
— Jean
I can’t begin to thank Terracina Herbals enough. As a competitive canoe racer I was very concerned about a mid-season, repetitive use, hand injury. There was no time to take off and allow such to heal until the next races and my paddling degraded to adjust for the injury as well as intensifying the injury. The Terracina Hope Renewed blend provided instant pain relief, reduced localized inflammation, and allowed for immediate therapeutic benefit. With consistent use it aided my healing and I was back in top form in a short time. I was amazed by its rapid results and will use it again for any sort of performance injury. I recommend it to any and all who may benefit from it. Thank you Amanda!
— Joel
For the past 2-3 years I have suffered with chronic back and neck pain. There are a few different reasons for my pain. This past summer, I was a vendor at a yoga retreat. The trip over to the event was very stressful on me physically.

I was desperate for some relief and it turns out it was my lucky day. While setting up, I had the privilege of meeting Amanda Lattin. Wow. A half hour with Amanda was amazing. She calmed my whole body and spirit and settled my soul.

I have continued to see Amanda in her Portland office. The experience for me is always different but has the same healing qualities for my body. I have learned so much about how my mind can aid in the healing of my pain. Not only a healer, Amanda is also a great teacher. Thank you for your loving heart and healing spirit.
— Kayrene