February 2018 Terracina Newsletter


February has been a busy month of new services and offerings here at Terracina Aromatics and Herbals. After celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Terracina Aromatics and Herbals in December 2017, we are embracing the next stage of the journey. As winter begins to prepare for spring, the stirrings of movement and readiness for growth can be felt everywhere. We are excited to share our first new shoots of expansion and creativity this year with you. If you visit the Terracina website, you will notice several new services and offerings available for both returning and new Terracina clients. We also have a few new ways to share Terracina with others!  


This month the Terracina Loyalty Rewards Program kicked off. Each time you make a purchase through Terracina, whether an appointment, or class, or product, you earn a star. After earning 5 stars, your next purchase will be 20% off. Next time you make a purchase, be sure to claim your star and open your Loyalty Account. Your stars are tracked automatically through your Loyalty Account in Square. Please note, purchases through outside sources such as Fullscript and Aroma Couture do not count towards the Loyalty Rewards Program. We are so excited to offer this rewards program to our cherished clients. Thank you for all your support for Terracina over the last 10 years! 


Online Booking is now available! Visit our Appointment page on the Terracina website the next time you would like to book an appointment with Amanda or check for available appointment times. Also, scheduling a Zoom video session is now available for times when you can not come in for an appointment. The Zoom video sessions are also a great option for new and returning clients who live out of town. Please note, if you book a session online, you are required to pay for the session at that time. If you want to pay for your session at time of service, or need to schedule a last minute session, please contact Amanda via email or by phone at 503.750.1536 to schedule your appointment. New clients are encouraged to contact Amanda prior to booking an initial appointment.



Want to give the gift of Terracina? We have just made that easier with Terracina Digital Gift Cards now available in our online store. When you enter the store, click on “eGift Cards” at the top of the page. You can pick the design of the card and decide the amount for the gift card. You can also choose how you would like to deliver the gift card either by email, or you can print the gift card and give it in person. The gift card can be redeemed digitally or in person.


Terracina is excited to be one of the only distributors of Aroma Couture aromatherapy jewelry and diffusers here in the Pacific Northwest. Aroma Couture creates PeTA approved vegan aromatherapy jewelry using 100% 316L surgical grade stainless steel, certified organic bamboo, and all-natural gemstones. These pieces are the perfect carrier for any of the Terracina blends or sprays. Not only is this jewelry line functional and long-lasting, it is beautiful! There are aromatherapy jewelry diffusers for all occasions and activities, and styles for any age or gender. Aroma Couture also carries electric essential oil diffusers which many Terracina clients have asked for over the years. Just visit the Aroma Couture online boutique via the Terracina account link on our Services page, and your order will get shipped directly to you. Please note, to be a Terracina customer with Aroma Couture, you do need to use our custom link to navigate to the Aroma Couture site. Otherwise, you will be assigned to another distributor for service when you order from the site.


For the last year, Terracina clients have had access to our Fullscript Online Dispensary Services. Fullscript offers the largest catalog in the industry, refill reminders, inexpensive shipping, and full customer service. While Amanda still compounds herbal formulas for clients when needed, using Fullscript services allows Terracina clients to have access to some of the best herbal formulas in the industry and have them delivered to their homes quickly and easily. Amanda can manage their entire recommendation online and include supportive additions without increasing Terracina overhead and client costs. Amanda has also set up a dispensary section of the Terracina Fullscript account with general products which clients can purchase without having them included in their personalized recommendation. This allows Terracina clients to purchase general self-care items they would normally have to purchase from a store along with their usual herbal formula orders. We are so thrilled we can offer this service to our Terracina clients. You can now access your Fullscript account directly from the Terracina Services page.


Special offer available through Sunday 3/11/18. $10 off any purchase of Magia Calda. Use code: MAGIACALDA at checkout in our online store.

Magia Calda is the perfect aromatherapy blend to keep your emotional, mental, and physical fires burning through these last few cold weeks of winter. Our current stock of Magia Calda is an especially gorgeous batch, don’t miss out!


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