What Is Intuitive Language?

Intuitive Language is a unique series of curriculum and classes designed to stimulate growth and awareness of one’s own individual connection to intuition. The name Intuitive Language is key because it underlines the concept that merely connecting to intuition does not make intuition a usable tool. A foundational principle in the Intuitive Language curriculum is everyone’s intuition carries its own multisensory expression of language. A primary goal of the Intuitive Language curriculum and classes is discovering this multisensory language and practicing developing a functional interpretation of it, allowing the individual a pragmatic and inspirational working relationship with their intuition.


The Inspiration Behind Intuitive Language

Amanda designed this curriculum after years of listening to and observing clients and colleagues taking classes, participating in religious and spiritual practices, reading self-help books, and many other activities in the pursuit of connecting with their intuition and a desire to feel a meaningful understanding of it. So many times, they ended up more confused than when they began because they relied on other’s experiences, meaning, and insights without ever feeling a legitimate value in their own.  The questions of, “Am I doing this right?” “Does this mean anything?” “What does this mean?” “What should I do?” plagued them, and they sought answers from friends, family, deities, and experts, without ever feeling satisfied with the outcome. Amanda wanted to create an opportunity for people to come discover and cultivate their own Intuitive Language, which would enable them to integrate and use all the information and experiences they had in these other learning arenas as well as everyday life. Amanda also felt it was important for this to happen in a small group setting, so the differences and similarities of Intuitive Language could be acknowledged and valued. This helps avoid experience in a vacuum, isolation, or a dogmatic approach, and promotes a supportive and safe atmosphere.

The Intuitive Language Community and Culture

The first Intuitive Language cohort began as an experimental endeavor in 2012, and with positive success and feedback the community has now grown to three cohorts all working in the curriculum at their own paces. While each cohort meets for classes at separate times, they all support one another, and meet as a cohesive community four times a year at the two solstices and equinoxes for one-day skill building workshops. As a new cohort begins their Intuitive Language work, they share their experiences with friends and soon there is enough interest to begin another cohort group. Now in 2018, the current Intuitive Language participants want to be able to share these classes and workshops more easily with their communities, and for the first time the classes will be made open to the public on the Terracina website. It is truly a blessing to see what began as an experiment touch so many people in a meaningful way and grow organically.

The Intuitive Language Curriculum and Format

The Intuitive Language curriculum is built as 6-week class series, each focused around one of the seven charkas. Classes meet once a week for an hour, with follow up exercises to do in between classes. Open discussion is key in the small group format. The curriculum presently has two levels.

THE LEVEL ONE CLASS series progresses through the seven chakras, beginning in the base chakra, examining functional and dysfunctional themes in each chakra. Level one is akin to an Intuitive Language inventory taking process, genuinely assessing the individual’s current relationship with their Intuitive Language. This process is useful regardless of one’s experience level. Many participants have reported this experience to be healing for them. In each level one chakra focused 6-week series, the cohort examines: the functions of the chakra, functional and dysfunctional Jungian archetypes associated with the chakra, pragmatic internal and external intuitive tools, essential oils to work with the chakra, and creation of chakra archetype cards using Zentangle™ meditative drawing.

THE LEVEL TWO CLASS series re-examines each of the seven chakras, this time focused on balanced function between the archetypes and actions associated with the chakra. Level two curriculum explores in more detail intuitive practices of different cultures, symbolism, etymology, ritual work, development and application of will and intent, and tracking. In each level two 6-week class series, more advanced practices and applications of internal and external intuitive tools are explored by the group. Also, the cohort reads texts together which highlight key themes, lessons, skills, or struggles which arise in the chakra or associated intuitive actions. Gemstones and minerals associated with actions of the chakra are also considered. Students create a balanced chakra Zentangle™ archetype card to add to their deck, as well as practice using their deck of archetype cards as external intuitive tools. Level two participants also have opportunity to help teach in level one classes.


ONE-DAY SKILL BUILDING WORKSHOPS or events are hosted every winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice, and autumn equinox, and are open to all cohorts and Intuitive Language participants. These events have ranged from two-day retreats focused on deep examination of one chakra to special guest speaker, co-taught workshops combining learning a creative skill such as indigo dying with Intuitive Language application practice. These are fun community oriented interactive opportunities to highlight accomplishments, changes, insights, receive support, and renew inspiration.  

Insights From Participants:

“Amanda is a wonderful aromatherapist, herbalist, healer and teacher. Every time I take one of her Intuitive Language classes it puts me more in touch with my own magic and assists on helping me to become a better, healthier person by working to shed that energetic debris that has held me back. I hope to one day be fluent in my own intuitive language and will continue to work with Amanda until I am.” – Kara

"Amanda's Intuitive Language classes have been a powerful and profound way for me to deepen my understanding of myself.  Amanda is direct, supportive and compassionate which creates a rich learning atmosphere that encourages growth and change. Her classes have been invaluable to me in my life journey." - Megan

“Amanda has been my mentor, guide and herbalist for several years. Through her Intuitive Language class, I have unearthed deep-rooted negative patterns and developed a wealth of tools that I use every day when (and before) conflicts arise. The class is a safe space for students to explore and grow, and we are each encouraged to find our own inner voice. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with Amanda and this powerful and inspiring group.” - Amanda S

“Studying Intuitive Language with Amanda has given me the ability to recognize patterns of behavior that weren’t working for me and the skills to shift into new ones. I have gained confidence and now have a myriad of tools I can use to keep growing. Intuitive Language has helped me reduce anxiety, listen to my inner voice, and increase self-love. I believe every person can benefit in some way by studying with Amanda.” - Sarah