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A Sidewalk Encounter Part I: I am Jack’s Violet Heart

This essay journals a chance encounter with violets on a February afternoon in 2016 which became the inspiration for several years of inquiry and the development of my Violet Heart Collection and Sidewalk Project flower essences. With the release of the first two formulas in the Violet Heart Collection this month, I wanted to share with you the story of how these blends came to be. Also, this is the second formula containing flower essences from my Sidewalk Project, focused on the power of place, the insight for which began with these same violets. The Sidewalk Project philosophy is: urban essences to heal urban dwellers. All Terracina Sidewalk Project flower essences are crafted using established urban flora, and infused with the perspective that urban plants create and carry the medicine to heal their urban human counterparts. I hope you enjoy part one of this story.

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Roman and German Chamomile, A Profile

Both species are now cultivated and utilized in many parts of the world for their aroma and therapeutic benefits; they are some of the most commonly used aromatic herbs in Western herbalism. While the small, daisy-like blooms of these species do not have a classic floral aroma, they certainly represent an important contribution of flowers in aromatherapy and herbalism. 

Indeed, the argument could be made that Roman and German chamomile are cornerstone essential oils in modern aromatherapy, so versatile and effective are their therapeutic actions. Yet, they are two of the most gentle, non-toxic, non-irritating essential oils and herbs as well. 

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